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Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (YUTO Tech) was established in 2002, headquartered in Shenzhen, and successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market (stock code: 002831) in 2016.

YUTO Tech is a leading provider of high-end brand packaging solutions, serving dozens of Fortune 500 customers and hundreds of high-end brands, specializing in consumer electronics, health, tobacco, cosmetics, food and other industries to provide competitive packaging products, solutions and services, and is committed to continuing to enhance brand value for customers.

YUTO Tech provides products and solutions, including color boxes, gift boxes, brochures, stickers, cartons, paper holders and intelligent packaging, environmental packaging, functional packaging, while providing creative design, innovative research and development, integrated manufacturing, automation large-scale production, multi-regional operation and the nearest fast delivery and other professional services. The works designed by YUTO Tech repeatedly won the German red dot award, iF Design Award, the United States Mobius Advertising Award and other world's top industrial design awards.

YUTO Tech carrying out collectivize management, as of Dec. 2019, has 57 subsidiaries, 7 branches and production bases in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta,East China,South China,North China,southwest China,Vietnam,India,Indonesia,Thailand and established service centers in the United States,Australia,Hong Kong China and other regions to provide the global customers nearest service.

YUTO Tech has always been "adhere to independent innovation, to maintain the leading technology" as a core strategy, and established YUTO Institute. The R&D investment in 2017 and 2018 exceeded 4% of the turnover, with rich research and development results with independent intellectual property rights, accumulated hundreds of industry-leading technology provide a wealth of creativity and strong technical support for the company's sustainable development.

In recent years, YUTO Tech has won the "NO.1 of Top 100 Chinese printing and packaging enterprises", "China Excellent Packaging Brand", "National Printing Demonstration Enterprises", "National Cultural Export Key Enterprises", "Guangdong Famous Brand" , "Top 100 Enterprises in Shenzhen City", " Top 100 Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industries Enterprises", "Baoan District Science and Technology Award Mayor Award" and other honors.

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  • 23/10 2019

    Establishment of Thailand subsidiary

  • 08/10 2019


  • 18/02 2019

    Established YUTO Tech(Australia)

  • 03/12 2018

    Awarded as the first “Top 100 Brand Enterprises in Shenzhen"

  • 17/11 2018

    Retained the title of the first of “the Top 100 Chinese Printing and Packaging Enterprises”

  • 26/10 2018

    Academician (expert) workstation project started

  • 05/07 2018

    Jiangsu Yuto Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. started business and began production

  • 08/12 2017

    Established National High-end Printing Standardization and Innovation Practice Base

  • 05/09 2017

    Established YUTO Tech (India)

  • 25/07 2017

    YUTO reelected the 1st of Top 100 Chinese Printing and Packaging  Enterprises

  • 28/11 2016

    YUTO won the 1st of Top 100 Chinese Printing and Packaging  Enterprises

  • 30/10 2016

    Wang Huajun, Chairman of YUTO Group, won the "Mayor Award of Baoan District, Shenzhen"

  • 28/08 2016

    Successful listed, open industry + capital operation mode

  • 28/12 2015

    YUTO won the "Top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises in 2015"

  • 18/11 2015

    The operating income is nearly 4.3 billion yuan

  • 08/10 2015

    YUTO won the second of Top 100 China's Printing Enterprises

  • 28/07 2015

    Open a comprehensive strategic development, research and develop environmental protection packaging, Wisdom IOT, cloud packaging

  • 10/01 2015

    Comprehensive strategic development; Environmentally friendly packaging; Smart IOT; Cloud packaging; Smart factory

  • 28/11 2014

    The operating income is nearly 4 billion yuan

  • 30/06 2014

    YUTO won the 3rd of Top 100 Chinese printing enterprises

  • 01/08 2013

    YUTO won the "Shenzhen famous brand", "top 500 enterprises in Guangdong Province", "top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province", "Top ten of the first most competitive printing enterprises in Guangdong Province" and other honors

  • 25/07 2013

    The operating income was nearly 2.6 billion yuan

  • 01/10 2012

    YUTO won the "Excellent Brand of China Packaging"

  • 15/08 2012

    YUTO' operating income was more than 2.3 billion yuan

  • 20/08 2011

    YUTO was named "China Paper Packaging and Printing Materials Research and Development Center"

  • 25/10 2010

    YUTO's Vietnam Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. was established

  • 20/10 2010

    YUTO was named the member unit of China Packaging Federation

  • 01/01 2010

    Global layout; The Vietnam YUTO was founded

  • 28/08 2009

    Chairman Wang Huajun won the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award of 2009 Bauhinia Cup

  • 28/06 2009

    YUTO won the 5th of "2009 Top 100 China Printing Enterprises "

  • 28/11 2008

    Chairman Wang Huajun was named "2008 Olympic torch"

  • 28/06 2008

    YUTO won the 10th of "2008 Top 100 China Printing Enterprises"

  • 28/09 2007

    YUTO won the top 20 Chinese printing enterprises, the first of the Private enterprise class.

  • 28/08 2006

    YUTO was rated as executive director unit in Shenzhen

  • 28/12 2005

    Chairman Wang Huajun won the "Ten news figures of print industry in 2005" and "Top ten China outstanding young entrepreneurship Award"

  • 30/10 2005

    With the operating income of 600 million yuan, YUTO entered the ranks of large printing and packaging enterprises

  • 01/01 2005

    National layout; Manufacturing + Service

  • 20/08 2004

    Chairman Wang Huajun was elected as NPC deputies of Shenzhen Fourth People's Congress

  • 28/05 2003

    The annual output exceeded 237 million yuan, nearly 2,000 employees

  • 28/09 2002

    With the operating income exceeded 200 million yuan, YUTO enters the high-speed development stage

  • 28/05 2002

    YUTO's packaging plant was named "Top 10 enterprises in Shenzhen industry"

Management Team

Global Layout

YUTO Tech has production bases, research and development centers and service centers covering the mainstream economic development zones. We will set up production bases in southern Vietnam, India,Indonesia,Thailand and other places along the Belt and Road to provide convenient and the nearest delivery and service for customers around the world.

Domestic layout: Hong Kong,Taiwan,Shenzhen,  Dongguan,Huizhou, Shanghai , Suzhou , Nantong, Suqian ,  Jiujiang,  Hefei ,  Bozhou,  Yantai,  Sanhe,  Chongqing,Chengdu ,Luzhou,Yibin、Xuchang,Wuhan,Baoji,Changsha,Yueyang

International layout: the United States (New York,Madison,Santa Clara), India (New Delhi,Bangalore), Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Beining),Indonesia(Jakarta),Thailand(Bangkok)

Corporate Culture

  • Soul


  • Mission

    Focusing on the printing and packaging market, YUTO Tech continues to create values for customers by providing the leading products and services.

  • Vision

    YUTO Tech is committed to become a domestic leading and international well-known printing and packaging enterprise with the trust of customers, the support of staff and the respect of society. The trust of customers: the solutions and services of YUTO Tech can create leading value for customers in the printing and packaging industry.
    The support of staff: respecting and caring for employees, YUTO Tech provides development opportunities and platform as well as competitive salaries for employees.
    The respect of society: YUTO Tech is committed to become the industry leader, and pays attention to environmental protection and actively fulfills its social responsibilities to give back to the community.

  • Core Values

    Customer First, Talent Oriented, Sustainable Innovation, Win-win Cooperation.Customer First: It is the basis of the survival and development for YUTO Tech that taking the customers as the center.Talent Oriented: Talent oriented is fundamental to the survival and development for YUTO Tech. Sustainable Innovation: Sustainable innovation is the key to the survival and development for YUTO Tech.Win-win Cooperation: Win-win Cooperation is the guarantee of the survival and development for YUTO Tech.

  • Business Philosophy

    Credit, Pragmatic, Efficiency, Innovation

    Credit Working honestly: suit the action to the word, and spare no effort; Behaving faithfully: treat others sincerely and keep the promises.

    Pragmatic Seek truth from facts: tailor the clothes according to reality; Really work hard: immediately take action to do more and say less.
    Efficiency Pursuit of efficiency: simple and advanced, fast and flexible; Result oriented: pay attention to the results without any excuses. Innovation  Sustainable improvement: progress day by day, and work with perseverance; Innovative thoughts: break through, and take the initiative to change.


The First of China Top 100 Printing and Packaging Enterprises
Mayor Award of Science and Technology Award in Baoan
iF Design Award
WorldStar Award
Red Dot Award
G7 Certification
ISO14000 Certification
FSC-COC Certification
QC080000 Certification
OHSAS18001 Certification

Industry Honors

    • The First of China Top 100 Printing and Packaging Enterprises

    • China Excellent Packaging Brand

    • State Printing Demonstration Enterprise

    • State Key Enterprise of Culture Export

    • National High-tech Enterprise

    • Famous Brand of Guangdong

    • Top 100 of Shenzhen Enterprises

    • Top 100 Cultural and Creative Enterprises of Shenzhen

    • Mayor Award of Science and Technology Award in Baoan

Awards Honors

    • One German iF Design Awards of 2019

    • One United Nations WorldStar Awards of 2019

    • One Gold Awards of Pentawards of 2019

    • One German Red Dot Awards of 2018

    • Two German iF Design Awards of 2018

    • Two United Nations WorldStar Awards of 2018

    • Four German Red Dot Awards of 2017

    • Three German iF Design Awards of 2017

    • Three United Nations WorldStar Awards of 2017

    • Two German Red Dot Awards of 2016

    • Two German iF Design Awards of 2016

    • Two Silver Awards of Pentawards of 2016

    • Three United Nations WorldStar Awards of 2016

    • One Gold Award of American Mobius Advertising Packaging of 2015

Certification System

    • In 2017 YUTO lab passed ISTA certification.

    • In 2016 passed CNAS (ISO17025) laboratory accreditation certificate.

    • In 2011 passed QC080000 hazardous substances process control system certification.

    • In 2010 passed G7 certification.

    • In 2009 passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification.

    • In 2009 passed the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

    • In 2008 passed ISO22000 food safety management system certification.

Social Responsibility

  • YUTO Public Welfare

    YUTO Tech always adheres to the social responsibility, and actively participates in public charity, forming a highly social responsibility of the corporate culture, and through practical action to active practice. Over the years, YUTO Tech has accumulated to the community tens of millions of dollars for charitable students, new rural construction, disaster construction; improve the lives of poor women and other public purposes. Mr. Wang Huajun, Founder and Chairman of the board, always adheres to the heart of a return to the community, over the years around his hometown of Jiangxi Jiujiang actively engaged in public welfare, in 2006 won the Jiujiang Charity Association awarded the honorary title of "Big Shot of Charity Students".

  • Green Factory

    YUTO Tech actively fulfill its environmental responsibility, advocate green printing, import ISO14001 environmental management system and QC080000 hazardous material process control system within the company. We are from the control of raw materials, requiring suppliers to provide third-party hazardous substances detection report to ensure that products meet our "control of material specifications" requirements. We strictly control the production process of cross-contamination, all production lines meet HSF requirements. With the standard development and implementation and training, the concept of environmental protection penetrates the hearts of every employee. YUTO Tech takes the "green, environmental protection, low carbon" printing and packaging as the future direction of enterprise development, in the context of promoting low-carbon recycling economy, combined with enterprise strategic development planning, integration of existing R & D strength, increase investment, enhanced internal and external operations, and promote enterprises towards a more environmentally friendly direction.

  • Employee Care

    YUTO Tech follows the "people-oriented" management philosophy, respect; agree with the value of employees. Provide competitive remuneration to share development benefits with employees. Provide dual channel of professional promotion and management promotion, concerned about the staff learning and growth. Regular hold activities of tourism, team development, staff birthday party, games of basketball, table tennis, photography prize, singing competitions and other colorful activities, create a harmonious team atmosphere. Set up a staff fund to help the staff in need. The company has invested tens of millions yuan to equip with air conditioning, free WIFI, direct drinking water for staff quarters to improve the staff's living environment.

Creative Design

Design Center Introduction

YUTO Tech attaches great importance to creative design, takes brand planning as the core, makes the whole case planning from the brand positioning, concept design to the series of product packaging design, providing a full range of innovative design and overall packaging solutions from the plane, structure, shape, materials, process and other aspects to enhance product added value for customers.

YUTO Tech has two design centers with a total of hundreds of outstanding designers, including senior planners, graphic designers, structural designers, modeling designers, process designers and so on. In addition to Shenzhen headquarters, YUTO Tech has set up design divisions in Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Yantai and other central cities. In addition, YUTO Design Center has set up an independent studio with a number of professional field design master which design results and efficiency has been highly praised by customers.


  • American Mobius Advertising Award
  • German Red Dot Design Award
  • German iF Design Award
  • World Star Packaging Design Award
  • Belgium Pentawards
  • China Packaging Star
  • Guangdong Star

Award Design Works

Creative Design Works