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Color Boxes

Color box packaging provides a unique opportunity to tell your brand's story.  It is widely used by consumer facing companies across a variety of industries including electronics, food and beverage, and cosmetics.   We offer two types of customizable color boxes.  The first is a paperboard box, which is perfect for smaller or lighter items like small consumer electronics. Paperboard materials include single coated paper, double coated paper and foil, all of which can be die cut to accommodate any size or shape. The second is a corrugated carton, which is ideal for heavier items or things that need sturdier protection during transit.  Common designs include: Tuck & dust flaps box,Carrying case,Display box,Cover and tray carton,Auto-lock bottom box,Window box,etc.We are able to add custom promotional graphics through a variety of techniques including printing,laminating,hot stamping,embossing and UV coating.